Lush velvets, slogan tees, clashing prints and fluted hems have filtered down from runway layers to the streets- giving a strong nod to 70's fashion. 

Autumn and winter will not be looking as muted this season with warm prints flowing in-store and volumed silhouettes. If one vibe came from the seventies, it's the feminine, dark romantic edge to typically long and streamline shapes that comes to mind. 

Embrace floor length fluted jeans, extra long sleeves, criss-cross detailing and layers of scarfs, coats and maybe even some faux fur. Thigh high riders boots compliment crisp (or soft) shirt dresses and kimono's, capes and oversized coats add a chic element to casual chambray and slogan tees. 

True to the rotation of trends, style prevails and each time a look is slightly different to it's past- this season sees a softer take on the classic bold, and sometimes masculine prints of the 70's. Think of these styles in not just mustard and tangerine, but also in sharp white, soft mauve and ice blue. Light, delicate laces and girly, flirtatious palettes bring a new dimension to this mood.

Hebe's library of design is shaping in to an exciting Autumn. Winter will definitely not feel as drab this year when we are cloaked in velvet and breathing in fragrant notes of patchouli and smoky tobacco. - Dani xx