Andrea Moore Eyewear

The Andrea Moore label is sought after for its impeccable tailoring, bold colour palettes and custom designed prints that present a confident point of view.

Andrea Moore has since opened five stores across New Zealand since 1999 selling the NZ made brand to individual women who love to express their personals style.

The most recent addition to the Andrea Moore brand is Andrea Moore Eyewear. The range covers classic, fashion styles through to more statement glasses for the boundary pusher. 

Every pair of Andrea Moore Sunglasses comes with a one year warranty and is hand made in Italy- they roll the acetate frames in oil to obtain the shiniest of looks. Each pair are fitted with Sola Lenses and 24 carat-gold plated hinges. 

If you are looking for a stylish pair of stunners that have that heavy yet comfortable weight of a quality pair of sunglasses- these are calling your name.. 

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