Girls need leather handbags like coffee needs an extra shot. It's not technically a necessity, but it sure seems like one!

JUJU Bags created by Judy Vincent blur the line between simple and edgy with their detailed hardware yet functional attributes. 

Judy has honed in on what makes her most loved bags her faves and has delivered styles that encompass both the functions girls desire their bags and the 'look' they require them to have. You will find that all your daily must-haves fit comfortably in every style, without sacrificing fashion or that classic vibe that bonds you to your bag for seasons if not years to come.

Better yet, Judy lives in Bali and all of her product is overseen by herself- handmade from quality leathers that she has sourced in Bali.

The JUJU range includes wallets, totes, carry bags and shoulder bags.

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Get Money Wallet

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