Collagen Shots 30 Day Powder
Collagen Shots 30 Day Powder
Collagen Shots 30 Day Powder
Collagen Shots 30 Day Powder
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Collagen Shots 30 Day Powder

Be gorgeous naturally with our high strength blend of skin firming active anti-ageing ingredients in this collagen drink.

10,000 mgs hydrolysed marine collagen (fresh water white fish), hyaluronic acid, acai berry super antioxidant, combined with vitamin B3, B5, C with zinc and copper.

Boost levels of peptide rich amino acids and improve the skin’s tone and texture with Collagen Shots active ingredients. Reduce the appearance of tell tale signs of ageing.

• Suitable for diabetics

• 100% natural ingredients 

• Gluten Free

• Lactose Free

• Hyaluronic Acid

Collagen types:

Type I: skin, tendon, vasculature, organs, bone (main component of the organic part of bone). The precursor for all other collagens within the body.

Type III: reticulate (main component of reticular fibers), commonly found alongside type I.

Additional info: Type I or type 1 collagen is the strongest type of collagen. If you're looking for a collagen for supporting skin health, type 1 is a top choice since it's literally a building block of the skin. 

Type I collagen is found in bones and skin. It accounts for more than 90% of organic mass of bone and is also the major component of skin, tendons and ligaments.

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