Buttermilk Accessories


Buttermilk [but-ter milk] / noun

Buttermilk is you, it's us, it's your friends and all the girls around you. It's every girl who is just who she is, ready to whip her hair up, pull up her sleeves and take on the world.

Buttermilk was founded in New Zealand for the love of the 90's. For those who missed out on the 90's but wish nothing but to be in that era and for those that were there in the 90's but wish nothing but to be back where it feels like home. It's the effortlessly cool girl that didn't even have to try to look this good.

Our clips are perfectly curated to compliment every girl's hair - long, short, curly, straight, blonde, black, frizzy, wavy. 

There should never be a moment where you don't feel like you. Buttermilk is for you.