The Story


Hebe Boutique was an existing boutique in Kuripuni Village. The store had a smaller portfolio of labels and was a god-send for local women who wanted their fashion fix. Danielle and Johnny Burkhart bought Hebe from the previous owners in 2014 and have since built on the brand and the ideology of Hebe. Dani is a strong believer that style is eternal and ageless- she has brought on-board idyllic brands such as COOP, NYNE, Sabatini and MESOP to her extensive range and included fashion accessories to match. The unique atmosphere at Hebe is due to its wide demographic and product. Sizes 6-22 are covered within each season and it would be hard to pin point your typical customer. The interior of the shop is notably designed with help of husband Johnny, featuring their own custom furniture and displays. 

Hebe Designer Boutique is now a destination for local style seekers and shoppers from abroad. Located in Masterton's boutique Kuripuni Village, Hebe effortlessly boasts of fashion and lifestyle with its curated space and unique fittings. Among the twenty plus New Zealand designer brands, sit cleverly considered accessories to elevate your look, reflecting ageless style. 


Danielle Burkhart, owner of Hebe Designer Boutique and Designer of self-designed label My Boyfriends Back, is rich in clothing, design and buying knowledge. 

Dani has also travelled to NZ Fashion Week with brand My Boyfriends Back and was stocked in 17 retailers around New Zealand and Australia before taking on Hebe as her newest venture to compliment family life.

With a work/life balance in mind, Dani mainly designs limited edition collections for her store and sometimes wholesales within selected stores around NZ and Australia. Her love for a feminine, moody aesthetic with a functional edge translates in to wearable pieces- forming collections from My Boyfriends Back. Dani continues to work with some of New Zealand's best local creatives to bring a collection together, from photographers to manufacturers and stylists.

Customers at Hebe have come to love the exclusivity of the brand and its pieces, often pre-ordering styles and enjoying the one-on-one experience of buying from an in-house label.

Tactile and full of custom prints and embellishments, Dani combines feminine fluidity and drama within her designs; a dark romance. 
My Boyfriends Back sits comfortably alongside supplied brands and offers a distinct point of difference to the boutique.