Meet The Girls

A personal note from us x

At Hebe we understand fashion and consider our product every step of the way throughout our buying journey. Fair trade and conscious buying are on our minds and we also believe that it's not about paying exuberant amounts for fashion, nor is it about luxury all of the time- You can however, achieve an amazing wardrobe with quality over quantity; that's where we come in. We scour and source, refine and review for our customers to provide you with the best of both worlds among the NZ fashion industry each season. Our aim is to strike up the perfect balance of on-trend, timeless, special, functional, quality and value for money. In other words- look good, feel great and pay fair. 

There are a couple of key differences that separate us from other boutiques- we have our own label, we are really in touch with our customers and buy to cater to all (this includes specialities you'd only find in a small NZ town like drop offs to your house!), we allow custom orders from labels and we have built the store with values at our forefront. Marty Neumeier once said 'A brand is not what you say it is, it's what they say it is'. This resonates with us so much and being a small business, our goal is to do us, and do it well. We believe it's the small things that count and we like to think we have heart and a down-to-earth approach to our customers and business. Also close to our hearts are the creatives we've met along the way. We uphold  personal relationships with all of our incredible brands who are talented, conscious and family owned. By supporting our small business you are also supporting NZ brands and their craft.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart! x