All our garments are certified by Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International (FLO) and made in a traceable supply chain, which works with Fairtrade-certified farmers and manufacturers from seed to garment. Our commitment to fair wages, no child labour, workers’ rights, gender equality and grower community has been at the heart of Kowtow since day one. 

Our manufacturers are SA8000 certified organisations. The SA8000 Standard encourages clothing manufacturers to develop, maintain, and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace. SA8000 organisations are audited by certification bodies accredited by Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS). SA8000 helps ensure the workers at our production facilities receive the following benefits: guaranteed minimum wage, social security funds, pension funds, paid holiday leave, sick pay, medical insurance, subsidised lunches, overtime pay and workplace unions.

At Hebe, we appreciate Kowtow for several reasons- it makes slow fashion extremely accessible and offers the latest mood within the parameters of quality and affordability. Every garment is high quality and makes you feel great- often with a custom fabrication/colour palette within each edit. Kowtow pieces are garments that will last the distance in your wardrobe.