Twenty Seven Names


Twenty Seven Names based in our neighbouring hood Wellington, is no doubt an iconic New Zealand brand. Adored by student and acclimatised style lover alike, everything from the custom fabrics, quality texture, weight of each garment and the classic nature of each thoughtful cut tells a story. Whether you fall in love with the cute yet classic print, or you appreciate the timeless and crisp nature of the style, you will find yourself starting a long lasting friendship with this slow-fashion label. We are so proud to stock this label at Hebe. Twenty-seven names: Proudly made in New Zealand. 'Here at twenty-seven names we make beautiful clothing. But it’s more than that to us – we feel responsible to the people who make, sell and wear our clothes. We try to make choices that support women, help local and small businesses, and cause the least harm to the environment. From the casting of our fashion week shows, to the language we use in marketing; from the buttons on our coats to the stitching on our dresses – we know we have an impact on how people feel and the way they live, and we try to make sure we’re making things better, not worse. When choosing our fabrics we look for so many things simultaneously – beauty, hand feel, luxury, natural composition, country of origin, sustainability, and that certain je ne sais quoi. Making ethical and sustainable choices is a way of life for us, and we couldn’t be more proud to be New Zealand made. '