FATE+BECKER is loved by many at Hebe Designer Boutique, their fabrics reference their Australian born design and are often soft to touch and of custom design. Light weight, breezy designs make for outfits that take you to any occasion. Hebe also stocks the SASS brand that directs the FATE label. FATE sits with our confident, individual women who perhaps have a classic and chic approach to their wardrobe. FATE+BECKER is an elegant, refined and uniquely Australian interpretation of fashion. Managed in Melbourne by the SASS Clothing Group, FATE+BECKER has grown dramatically since it’s launch in 2004. The brand was initially started as the creative vision of Talitha Becker, who needed a brand that would reflect her evolution as a woman. FATE+BECKER is that brand. It is edgy, innovative and extremely successful. FATE+BECKER is designer womenswear without the price tag, and our ethos is to give women more for their investment, by providing design conscious and quality products that compete with designer fashion.