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At Koko we believe in the power of flowers.  That is why all our skincare is made with 100 % natural ingredients.

Plant based skincare means just that, all the ingredients in our products come from plants apart from our clay and our salt which is sourced from mother nature.

We handcraft all our products in the Koko Kitchen here in Auckland, New Zealand.


None of our Koko skincare contains water.  We use self-preserving ingredients such as clay, salt and oil so that there is no need to add harmful chemicals or preservatives to make our products last.  Nasty microbes only grow in water so by eliminating the water we have eliminated the need for toxins and synthetics.  Our oils are packed in Swiss made Miron glass for the highest amount of UV protection to ensure they stay fresh and pure.


Koko Body skincare is only ever tested on willing humans never on animals.  We source our ingredients from ethical suppliers to ensure no animals were harmed in the making of Koko.   All Koko products are 100 % vegan.


Koko is a family run business born out of a desire to ensure all the products that touch our skin are completely natural.  After researching hidden ingredients in skincare we started making our own.  Friends and family began asking for it and so Koko was born.  Koko came from the raw organic coconut oil that we use as a base for many of our products.