Rue Stiic


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The idea of Rue Stiic was created in 2013 when Jillian Beed landed in Perth, Australia after living in Venice Beach, California. Her vision was to create not only effortless yet expressive products, but also ones that held a lifestyle that would celebrate the marriage of coast, city and creativity. Bali is a second home to Rue Stiic- this is where the magic comes to life and all of the design, production, marketing and logistics are taken care of. Most of Rue Stiic's pieces are designed, handmade and handprinted with love in Bali. Their iconic colours are hand dyed in at a family owned family dye-house, meaning no two batches will ever be the same. All of Rue's screen prints are traditionally printed by Indonesian artisans. Rue Stiic support over 100 locals in Bali throughout their design, manufacturing, printing and make up process with a strong focus on sustainable fabrics and ethical, family owned factories. For more info on gorgeous Rue Stiic, you can check their Behind The Brand section on their site. We at Hebe love having a feminine, ethical label in our mix which supports artisans who are incredible at what they do. We always select a tight edit for our store and love that each piece is unique, you are unlikely to see one just like yours!