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Ketz-ke has to be one the most popular NZ designed labels at Hebe. It's distinct design and eclectic flair is visible in every collection- you will start noticing it on the street! Using a clever mash up of prints, Ketz-ke pulls of the streetwear meets chic and playful vibe like no other. Their creations often have a subtle boho influence that is apparent with it's effortless, lifestyle appeal. A big fan of separates as well as dresses, Ketz-ke releases it's most popular styles most seasons, re-cut in a new fabulous colour way. Expect comfort, style and a quirky edge with Ketz-ke. Our loyal Ketz-ke fans range in age, size and style- there is always something for everyone. Ketz-ke has also released a basics range which is full of soft, wearable knit tees and layers, along with Jenny's Black range which caters for the Ketz-ke lover at night.